DLI (Dutch Lighting) 1000w DE HPS LAMP

DLI (Dutch Lighting) 1000w DE HPS LAMP

Product Features

  • Ideal for assimilation lighting in horticulture
  • Optimized filling with adapted spectra for profitbale plant growth.
  • Photon flux 2100 umol/s: Photon flux efficacy 2.06 umol/W.
  • Lamp replacement after 10.000 hours is recommended in order to ensure a optimal and continuous growth.
  • Durable ceramic arc tube with sintered ignition system and flexible mounting of the burner for longer lamp life.
  • For use on high frequency ECG only.


  • Technical Specifications

    Lamp wattage:  1020 W

    System wattage: 1056 W

    Lamp voltage (in luminaire): 230 V

    Ignition voltage:  2.3 kV

    Photon flux: 2100 uMol/s

    Photon flux efficacy: 2.06 uMol/s/W

    Recommended use time: 10.000 h

    Burning position: Horizontal

    Max. permitted pinch temp.: 250 °C

    Max. permitted bulb temp.: 700 °C

    Diameter max d: 38.0 mm

    Total length max l: 394 mm

    Base: K12x30s

    Hg content: 52.8 mg

    Standard pack: 1 piece