Advanced Nutrients Bud Ignitor




Advanced Nutrients Bud Ignitor


Start Your Bloom Phase Providing Powerful Nutrition for Bigger, Better Flowers

Advanced Nutrients Bud Ignitor is the ideal bud potentiator you use at the beginning of your bloom phase. Phosphorus assists in the storage and transfer of energy, and flower maturation. Use Bud Ignitor to give your blooming plants a strong start for a very pleasing harvest.


An easy-to-use fertilizer that supports the development of budding sites in early bloom phase.

It’s called Bud Ignitor, its main function is to help you maximize the number of flowers you get per plant.

Through rigorous testing of thousands of tissue samples advanced engineered Bud Ignitor with optimal ratios of phosphorus and potassium. Along with high-quality kelp from the Norwegian Sea.


Just imagine…

You’ll achieve a dense canopy of potent flowers exploding with concentrated compounds. All because you fed your cannabis one convenient early bloom-phase additive fertilizer.

What’s more, by initiating earlier bud formation, you’ll get up to one extra crop cycle per year. So you can compound profit with your additional season.

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