Chikamasa B-500SF Scissors




Chikamasa B-500SF Scissors


Chikamasa professional trimming scissors are made of the highest quality stainless steel in Osaka, Japan. The blades are rounded on the outside to prevent damage to fruit and flower during trimming. Hand tightened stainless steel rivets resit rust and friction keeping blades sharp and smooth over time. The handles are have a steel core with soft cushion outside for stress-free natural movement and shock absorbtion for long periods of trimming.

The B-500SF model features a fine flourine coating that reduces resin or sap buildup.

The B-500SF model features a straight, strong blade of high quality japanese stainless steel.

  • Total Length: 155mm
  • Blade Length: 35mm
  • Weight: 42g
  • Blade: high-quality stainless steel / fluorine coating
  • Grip: elastomer

Additional information

Weight 0.14 lbs
Dimensions 9.75 × 3.80 × 1.60 in