Advanced Nutrients B-52


Advanced Nutrients B-52

  • Increase plant resistance to a wide range of abiotic stressors and weather
  • Expand your garden’s root mass, increasing nutrient uptake
  • Support photosynthesis and respiration, invigorating your harvest
  • Create optimal conditions for strong, uninterrupted plant growth




Advanced Nutrients B-52

Bloom boosters. Root expanders. Crop substrates… Ask any grower, and they’ll gladly share the importance of feeding your plants the right nutrients. It’s why our team of experts has spent years developing best-in-class products… From next-generation base nutrients to the most popular bud bulking additive on the planet. And it’s why we’ve engineered a product to optimize plant potential at every phase of the game.

There’s one product,  Advanced Nutrients B-52 that separates premium cannabis from the rest… A must-have product for serious growers who want to be the master of their grow room environment. Now, in a moment, we’re going to tell you exactly what that product is, and what you can expect from using it. But first, you’ve got to understand…


Kelp and a B-vitamin complex are great. But here’s the thing… Cannabis needs a broad spectrumof plant-potentiating ingredients if you’re going to yield high-value harvests on repeat. We engineered our premium additive B-52 to go above and beyond the benefits you get from just Kelp and Vitamin B1. You’re also getting humic acid, which supports your root zone, so you can expand your underground network and ensure your plants absorb these critical nutrients.

Humic acid is universally adored by seasoned growers who hit the mark on their harvests, every single time. Just imagine protecting your plants with premium insurance against crop loss… Simply by adding one product to your nutrient line. For high-performing growers, the choice couldn’t be clearer.

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