Bluelab 2.77 EC Conductivity Standard Solution


Conductivity standard solutions – a must in every grower’s toolbox


Boost accuracy with regular cleaning

How to care for your Bluelab EC products

If you want to ensure the ongoing accuracy of your Bluelab conductivity products, we recommend that you clean and test them on a regular basis.

All our conductivity pens and meters are factory calibrated, so you won’t need to recalibrate them. Instead, you should clean your Bluelab EC probe and then use Bluelab 2.77 EC Conductivity Standard Solution – 500 ml to check that cleaning has been successful.

You should aim to clean and test your EC product every 30 days. All our products come with step-by-step guidelines for cleaning and care.


High-quality conductivity standard solutions

Effective and affordable EC testing

Bluelab 2.77 EC Conductivity Standard Solution – 500 ml is essential for use with all Bluelab conductivity products. All Bluelab solutions are manufactured specifically for Bluelab products and are referenced to high laboratory standards to ensure your Bluelab products last longer and maintain accuracy.

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250ml, 500ml