Jakes All in One




Jakes All in One


Jakes All in One Plant Spray is where your search ends for what’s best for your plants! Our natural solution works as a growth promoter, that leaves your plants perky and lush. Jake’s All-in-One provides nutrients that produce healthier plants and allows you to solve and cure growing issues with just one product.

Jake’s All-in-One is all-natural, economical, and concentrated. Our solution contains water-soluble nitrogen, available phosphate & soluble potash derived from vegetable protein hydrolosolate, sea kelp and potassium sulphate. These ingredients help boost your plants’ immunity and strengthens their growth, making them more resilient. One of the additional benefits of Jake’s All-in-One is that it helps in maintaining the PH balance of your plants and gets rid of any yellowing.



  • Solution is made with 100% natural ingredients, making us both Eco & Earth Friendly. Jake’s All-in-one keep your plants free of chemicals and toxic solutions that can harm them or the produce that you grow.

  • Being all-natural, our product is safe to use freely on consumable produce and plants. Unlike standard solutions that are available on the market, our natural solution protects your plants and does not affect your produce with any chemicals.

  • Jakes All In One Plant Spray is the one-stop-shop solution to what you need. Our magic solution is multi-purpose, all in one. We boost your plants’ immunity and help with its growth and nourishment.

  • The efficiency of our product solves numerous grower related issues.

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500ml, 1L, 4L